After more than 7 years of development and various pilot projects, the domestic HES battery storage using second-life automotive batteries has now arrived to the market and will be soon available in Spain.

Check the manufacturing and installation process in this video.

The HES storage station is a smart, grid-independent energy solution for household. The integrated control system with adaptive logic can regulate and optimize the flow of energy, maximize the degree of energy self-sufficiency of the household and at the same time store the energy produced by the solar panels.

Electricity from a PV delivers electricity directly to where it is needed. It can charge batteries and at the same time cover the consumption of the house. Surplus produced electrical energy can be returned directly to the distribution network (if you have a contract with a distributor).

The lack of electricity in the storage station can, on the other hand, be compensated from the public network in order not to reduce the lifespan of the batteries. HES enables smooth operation in network and island mode. The device is designed to allow uneven loading of the individual phases. The device is completely developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by AERS s.r.o. (member of Fenix Group). The power of the station is 10 kVA, 3x 230 V/400 V/50 Hz, balances the asymmetrical load. The inverter works in bidirectional (4Q) mode. It can take and supply energy at the same time. 2 x MPPT input, each with a power of 6 kWp, working voltage 300 – 600 V.