Radiant heating efficiency and easy installation make it a solution, often chosen in many applications within a wide range of sectors (industrial, agricultural, etc..).

Here below, we will detail some of the most common applications for which we’ve developed specific products. In any case, do not doubt in contacting us to study the possibility of using our product in other applications.

Church heating:

Heating as well as other types of installation is often a critical issue in worship places, especially if it is classified as historic monument. The electric radiant heating is the only solution to heat such large areas and to prevent any damage from the smoke that would generate a gas system.

Depending on the requirement, there are three different solutions to prevent the churchgoers from the cold and to create a pleasant environment in the pew area without altering the aesthetic of the worship place.

  • Underfloor heating by the installation of wooden or carpet flooring in which is integrated a high output heating film.


  • Heating through low temperature panels placed on the back side of the church pews (in wooden color to get dissimulated).


  • Heating through high temperature panels hang below the church pews (its location and color make it almost invisible to the church goers).


In the case some more visible though discrete systems may be installed, one of the most efficient solutions to heat wider areas is to use our high temperature panels in the same way as for industrial building.

Heating for animals breeding

In animal breeding, electric radiant heating is the only solution available. It allows reproducing a suitable environment for the animals in a safe way (no gas emission, neither presence of flame), copying the natural sun heat. It allows focusing the heat flow to specific areas according to the needs, in both large spaces (i.e. farms) where other heating system would result expensive, and in reduced spaces like terrariums and vivarium, in which animal require a temperature gradient.

In large installation, the main solution is the installation of low temperature or high temperature radiant panels depending on the needs.


For vivarium and terrarium, we recommend a range of heating films especially designed for this application.




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