One of the key questions is which are the advantages of electric radiant heating as in many countries this kind of heating is not well known. Ceilhit has been dedicated for 40 years to manufacturing radiant heating systems with a wide range of products : Heating mats, heating cables, heating films, radiant panels, snow-melting solutions, terrarium heating solutions, etc… We know in each situation the benefits that these heating systems could bring to your home, offices or industry.

It is enough to know a few of the advantages to confirm the suitability of radiant heating systems:

  • Comfort: Being a low temperature system, it spreads a pleasant heat that leads to an optimum wellbeing feeling. It minimized the temperature gradient in between the environment and the persons, getting rid totally of the temperature changes feeling that experiments our body close to a heat or cold source. Besides that, it provides the pleasant feeling of stepping a tempered floor, getting rid forever of the tile coldness.
  • Energetically efficient system: There are many different studies that prove the energy saving of radiant heating systems compared to conventional hot air convection systems. One of the most exhaustive study is from the Kaiserslautern University

It is actually quite easy to understand the basic reasons of the efficiency of the radiant systems:

  • The radiant heat is directly transferred to people without any intermediate medium like the air in the case of convection. Moreover, our body is more receptive to radiant heat as it is the way we exchange heat with our environment.
  • The temperature distribution is optimum, with the lowest temperature on the upper part of the room and the highest close to the floor where people stand.

Those two reasons explain why we reach the feeling of heat and comfort with an average air temperature a couple of degrees lower than with conventional systems.

On the other hand, another saving is provided by the regulation system that allows controlling the temperature room per room to fit the exact need of each one. The thermostats specifically developed for radiant heating can easily programmed per area the suitable comfort for each moment of the day according to its occupation.

  • Aesthetic/Invisible/Safe: Underfloor or ceiling heating is an invisible system, as it is integrated within the structure, leaving the walls free to furnish and decorate each room without any limitation. It is directly connected to the electricity, there are no lost spaces for boilers, neither for air conducts or water pipes.
  • Hygienic: The radiant heating systems reduce to minimum value the convection air moves, getting rid of dusts and allergenic particles circulation. It doesn’t consume any oxygen, neither generates any smoke and maintains a uniform hygrometry level.
  • Low installation costs and maintenance free: Radiant heating installation is cheap (low investment needed) and is easy for new construction as well as for renovation. With a total thickness between 1 and 2 cm, the electric underfloor heating can be installed on the existing floor. The independent installation per room allows partial house renovations with a limited budget. Finally, once installed, the system doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • Compatible with renewable energy: It is a sustainable system, compatible with renewable energy as eolic or photovoltaic energy production, to be prepared already for a clean and sustainable future.

With all those advantages, the decision is easy to take. Ceilhit can guaranty the highest quality in the manufacturing of your radiant heating system. Should you need any quotation, please contact us by email or call us at +34 93 261 125 for a personal attention.

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