When talking about heating, everybody first thinks in energy consumption, but even more, when it is related with large industrial halls, or tertiary buildings.

In large spaces, the conventional systems of air convection are really inefficient. The hot air that should transfer the heat to people circulates through the whole area without control depending on the air streams and will end up close to the ceiling.

The only systems that allow controlling the heat transmission to the required specific locations are the radiant heating systems. The heat is transferred through infrared radiation to all the solid bodies (peoples, walls, furniture, etc…) exactly like the sun.  This specific feature of the radiant heating system allows to heat specific areas in large spaces, exactly where and when needed, in what is called zone heating.

The most flexible and system for tertiary and industrial sectors is the radiant panels system:

  • Easyinstalation.
  • No need of extra infrastructure (only an electric connexion).
  • It is flexible and modular. Each panel (Zone or subzone) can be used and controlled independently. Besides, in future modifications of working areas, the panels can be easily moved and adjusted to the new layout.
  • It provides a high level of comfort to the workers with a constant temperature and without air stream.
  • It is compatible with renewable energy(Combining with photovoltaic panels).

A wide range of panels is available with output from 100 W to 3.600 W to fit any type of environments, different ceiling heights and match the needs of each project.

Panels for workshop – With IP protection up to IP65 and option for explosives environments:

Panels for high ceiling buildings, warehouses and industrial halls – Installation up to 10m height :

Panels within suspended ceilings – Ideal for offices, shops or hotels:

Panels to heat very specific areas – May complement main heating system – Office desks, workshop, church pews, checkouts, etc.