As we know through our experience that high quality regulation is mandatory for a proper heating system, we’ve been developing the most advanced regulation system for radiant heating. It is not only a question of ensuring a maximum comfort in any room at any time, but also to minimize the energy consumption to optimize the running cost savings.

Moreover, our systems include the state of the art technology for an intuitive and practical use (touch screen, mobile application, …).



We are offering a wide range of thermostats to control heating per room, for residential houses and apartments as well as for offices, shops, school, hotels, … They are located directly within the room to be heated and control all the heating elements connected. They can be digital (programmable) or analogical, can control depending on floor or air temperature and offer a wide range of options to improve the quality of heating and consumption control.

For underfloor heating, we recommend thermostat with floor sensor for an optimum use, matching the regulation mode with the heating needed in the room:

  • Air temperature regulation with limiting floor temperature (for an optimum comfort and protection of delicate floor covering)
  • Floor temperature regulation to enjoy a tempered floor (bathrooms).

Our TFT thermostat is most successful thermostat in the sector over the last few years. 


A programmable touch-screen features a large number of properties accessible via the simple interface of its touch-screen display – an easy and clear way of setting the required functions for the optimization of heating comfort and minimizing operating costs.


Video Presentation

Interactive Demo

Interactive Demo





Available properties and functions:

  • Large colour touch-screen (2.8”)
  • Different screen colour available (White / Red / Blue /Green)
  • Intuitive and fast programming
  • Energy consumption monitorization with grafics
  • Multiple set-up temperature levels
  • Open-window function
  • Screen lockout option
  • Possibility to connect an extra auxiliary sensor

Now available in a new version with a modern looking thermostat with alternative color schemes and new functions (Menus in 16 different languages/passive infrared occupancy sensor). The visible outer part is now composed of two sections – a body frame and a front cover. Both of these components can be detached and exchanged for one in a different color (Three colors available (black, red and silver) besides the white (from the thermostat). It is a very easy procedure and the user can do it alone – no assistance from a specialized company is necessary (see below video). You can also check the simple application to try out which TFT color scheme would suit better your room.

Vídeo Presentation

Interactive Demo





Now available in WiFi version. With all the previous functions of the original TFT, with a more elegant and modern design (all glass front panel in white or black colour) and with WiFi connectivity.


Through a mobile application avalable for iOS and Android  “FENIX TFT WIFI”, the users can connect individual thermostats to their account. The application turns into a virtual central unit which enables thermostats to be controlled individually and an entire system to be operated as a whole. The application allows the user to change thermostat operating modes, change the setting of the required temperature, create and edit programmes, set holiday mode and also monitor the consumption history of individual rooms.



Besides, we offer a range of digital thermostats with different designs, as well as a plug-in thermostat and an analogical thermostat to suit the different needs.

regulación detalles 3


A wireless regulation consists of a system without wiring between the switch that run on/off the heating element and the thermostat that controls the temperature according to the set up programmed temperature. Communication in between the elements is performed through radio frequency.

For renovation, this system is ideal to substitute an existing system or to install a programmable regulation system originally inexistent (without any need of installing additional connection lines with the corresponding extra work).

It is also intended for large rooms where several heating elements are needed in different part of the room (for instance heating panels) and for centralized regulation of a whole family house.

The wireless regulation system provides the possibility to distance control the heating system, either by WiFi (V24 WiFi Central Unit), either by GSM (V24 Central Unit + GSM Module).

Video Presentation


This system allows a modular installation that can be expanded upon convenience:

  • Independent rooms to a central control system
  • Add new regulated spaces to central regulation.

The system is composed of the different elements described below:


Wireless room thermostat with 1-week programming intended for the control of electric heating through the receiver V23 and V25 (Up to 4 units per V22) with bidirectional Wireless communication. Placement on wall or independently on a stand. Thermostat designed additionally for a Wireless central regulation with the V24 control unit.


Receiver V23

Wireless receiver with optional floor probe connection, normally controlled by the V22 thermostat. Placement in a KU68 wiring box, 16 A switching contact.


Plug socket receiver V25

Wireless plug socket receiver for appliances that are fitted with a plug (heating ladder, portable heaters, etc…), controlled with V22 thermostat, or when connected to a central regulation system, controlled directly by V24 control unit.


Central unit V24 WIFI

Central unit that allows to control and program the heating system for a whole house through the emitters and receivers (V22/V23/V25) of each room (up to 24 different zones) by radiofrequency. With touch screen display and a plain and intuitive graphical interface. Connected directly to the WiFi network to get remote control of the heating system from any device connected to Internet.

Central unit V24

Central unit that allows to control and program the heating system for a whole house through the emitters and receivers (V22/V23/V25) of each room (up to 24 different zones) by radiofrequency. With touch screen display and a plain and intuitive graphical interface


GSM Module V27

GSM module that enables basic control of the whole central regulation system when connected to V24 central unit (Status of individual zones, temperature control, set up changes, mode changes, possible error reports) through smartphone App for Android and iOS , or SMS messages..


Remote Control V20:

The remote control V20 allows through the V23/25 receiver, comfortable hand turning on and off an appliance.


The whole centralized system works according to the following scheme:esquema-instalacion

Bluetooth Thermostat

Also available in our range a thermostat programmable through Bluetooth.







Mobile application ecoControl (Android and iOS) can be connected to the thermostat using Bluetooth (in a range of ~3 m) and is intended for modification of pre-set parameters.

The basic and usual control of the thermostat doesn’t require the use of the application. The thermostat can be used as an analogic thermostat, with the comfort temperature being set up by the rotary control. If a pilot wire is connected, comfort and Eco mode temperature can be control through this external signal.










In our download section you can access documents related to our product. From here you can download the manuals, technical specifications and approval documents. 


Instructions manual TH760


Installation and use TH860


Instructions manual TFT


Installation guide TFT


Instructions manual TH232


Instructions manual TH210


Instructions manual V22


Instructions manual V23


Instructions manual V20


Instructions manual V24


Instructions manual V25


Instructions manual V27


Instructions manual TH2


Instructions manual TH EB800


Instructions manual TFT II


Instructions manual V24 WIFI


Instructions manual TFT WIFI


Instructions manual T-Sense Bluetooth



Declaration of conformity wireless system


Declaration of conformity TFT


Declaration of conformity TH210


Declaration of conformity TH760


Declaration of conformity TH860

TFT Touchscreen Thermostat

Installing Heating MAT With TFT Thermostat

TFT II With Alternative Color Schemes

Wireless Regulation System – Wifi Controlled

Wireless Regulation System

Installing Heating Mat With Wireless Regulation

T-Sense Bluetooth Thermostat


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