It is quite difficult to make an exhaustive list of all the applications for electric radiant panels. The range of applications is as wide as can be the heating needs in all types of buildings in many sectors.

The reasons for this versatility come from only four main characteristics of the electric radiant panels:

  • Easy installation:
    • They are connected directly to electricity without any needs of any other installations (no pipes, no boilers).
    • They can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling. They can be flush mounted with suspended ceiling, o fixed on a desk, a church pew or working station.
  • Easy running:
    • They are regulated individually or per common space, through a thermostat for an optimum comfort and energy consumption.
  • Fast heating dynamic:
    • They have a low inertia and are very reactive to any change in the heating needs.
  • Effective and efficient radiant heating:
    • They heat through infrared radiation all the solid bodies (people, walls, furniture, etc…). The heat reaches exactly the place it is intended to.
    • There is no energy waste in heating the whole volume of air, neither heating areas which are nor intended to be heated.

From those main characteristics, many others related advantages make turn the radiant panels into the best solution for so many applications:

  • Low installation costs
  • Comfortable
  • Energetically efficient
  • No Maintenance
  • Hygienic (reduce air stream generated through convection)
  • Aesthetic
  • Safe
  • Compatible with renewable energy

In Ceilhit, as part of Fenix Group, we can add up to all the previous advantages, more than 30 years’ experience in the development of radiant panels, to optimize the quality and the efficiency of the panels. We have available a wide range of products that matches exactly the large variety of needs of our customers.

Check in the following video our panel production facility in Czech Republic, check in our website the most common applications, or contact us if you have any special request.