The WiFi Box integrated in the radiant panel allows a direct and convenient connection to the Fenix mobile App without the need for another regulation device.

Paneles radiantes con wifi box

Radiant heaters are becoming one of the best heating solutions in many sectors. They provide pleasant warm at the right time and place thanks to their fast dynamics and high efficiency. Their versatility makes this system an ideal solution, both as a main heating system or as a supplementary system.

Our GS glass and stone radiant panels with elegant designs suit literally in each and every place. They are now available with an integrated WiFi Box on the back of the panel that allows temperature regulation without the need for another regulation device.

A radio frequency sensor placed in the same room is used to monitor the room temperature for an optimal regulation. Pairing with a mobile device is simple and fast, by scanning the unique QR code on each panel.

Wifi box y sensor

All the panels in the house can be conveniently controlled remotely via the app. The temperature is easily adjusted on any mobile device. The user can set the temperature manually at any time or create his own programmes with up to 8 time-intervals each of it with its own temperature setting. Boost mode allows the user to increase the temperature for a limited period of time and can be activated both from the mobile device and from the temperature sensor.

In the same room, a WiFi Box panel can also control up to three additional panels equipped with a V26 receiver.

Wifi box y V26

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