The European directive 2010/31/EU requires that all member states shall ensure that by 31st of December 2020, all new buildings are nearly zero-energy buildings. A new energetic scenario is then building up with a clearly electric future based on new concepts as the one we propose hereafter.

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Check our video on nearly zero-energy houses

The technological progress in different areas (photovoltaic panels, energy storage, measuring and communication systems, heating systems) turns into reality some concepts which were unviable up to now.
To fit in this new model, heating systems should provide some specific characteristics:

High flexibility
Accurate delivery of small amounts of heat
Fast reaction
High efficiency
Independent accurate room control
Distance control
Radiant heat
Long life

By nature, electric radiant heating matches all those requisites, when controlled by advanced regulation systems as the ones that we have been developing recently.

We propose an environmentally friendly solution, complying with the European directive on nearly-zero energy houses, advantageous for both the end user and the electric grid:

– Co-operating with Smart Grid helping to keep supply grids balanced.
– Offering a high level of user independence from part to total.

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