Heating cable manufacturing is the main activity of Ceilhit since its foundation in 1975. Heating cables provide interesting solutions in a many applications thanks to its easy and very flexible installation. We offer a wide range of products developed during our history to fulfill the requirements of the different markets

The main application sectors are:

Underfloor heating: From a functional point of view, the electric underfloor heating doesn’t differ from the hot water underfloor heating. However, the electric system is characterized by an easier installation, a higher flexibility and a much lower acquisition price. The principle lies in heating the floor construction at a temperature slightly higher than room temperature, providing comfort through an optimum heat distribution.

Outdoor applications: In this case, the heating cable prevents ice formation and that outdoor surfaces or objects get covered by snow during winter season. With its adequate regulation, the system is triggered automatically when necessary. It is suitable for parking ramps, walkways, entrances, stairways, loading areas, soccer field as well as roofs, gutters, downpipes, etc….

Pipe frost protection: Heating cable installation also allows frost protection of pipes or pipelines.



The heating cable element consists of a roll heating cable roll connected to a cold lead (electric cable).


Identical heating cable is available in the heating mat format in which the cable comes already laid down on a fiber glass mesh for an easier installation.


The range of Ceilhit products is based on four different structures of heating cables:



· Heating cable with double core resistance and helicoidal screen

· Underfloor heating (Residential and tertiary)

· Suitable for damp environment


001 PV

PV :

· Heating cable with single core resistance without screen

· Underfloor heating cable

· Not suitable for damp environment



· Heating cable with double core resistance and braided screen

· High mechanical resistance and protection against UV radiation

· Suitable for industrial and outdoor applications



Most heating cables are resistance cables. The core is composed by an electric resistance wire with a constant linear resistance, which is heated by the electric current. For each application, ranges of cable have been developed with the suitable resistance types and cable lengths, adjusted to a linear output (output per meter of cable) to provide the required heat and the required temperature. This is the reason why, heating cables are only sold as finished elements connected to its supply cold lead with a predefined length and output. The heating cable cannot be cut, as this will reduce its overall resistance, increasing its linear output and exposing both cable and installation to excessive temperature.

For single core cables (one resistance wire), each end is connected to a cold lead. To close the circuit, this heating element should be installed so that it begins and ends at the same place (close to connection box/thermostat).

For an easier installation, most of the cables are double core (two parallel resistance wires) in which the circuit is closed from the factory with an end seal at one end. At the other end, the heating cable is connected to the cold lead to be connected at the connection box.

The heating cable is composed of different layers to ensure the correct insulation of the resistive wires and to comply with the requested characteristics of each application according to international standards. For damp environments (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room) or outdoor applications, a full protective electric screen is mandatory. It is connected to earth providing maximum safety for the users.


For each application, the heat demand can be defined to reach the objective of comfort and temperature required. For underfloor heating it will be defined as installed output per square meter. Depending on the type of room, the climate, the house insulation, recommended output varies from 60 to 150W/m2.

Each surface output can be reached with different cable lengths depending on the linear output delivered by the cable (output per meter) defining the different ranges of linear output (10W/m / 17,9W/m / etc.) for each type of cable.

When the system is installed directly below the pavement, a longer cable is recommended, with a lower linear output and a smaller C-C spacing in between the cable loops (~8 cm), avoiding temperature differences, and cold spots. For semi-storage system (cable covered with 3-4 cm of concrete), or storage system (cable within the concrete structure), the distance between loops can be increased together with the linear output of the cable.

On the other hand, the same cable could provide different surface output, depending on the loop spacing (the same output being distributed in a smaller or a larger area). Even, this flexibility can be used installing within one room, with a different distribution from one area to another, in the case the heat demand should be different from one side of the room to another.

Check the installation manuals of each type of products.

Check accesories

Check regulation

Hereafter, we will detail the standard ranges from 8 W/m to 33W/m for 230V and 400V. Other ranges are available on demand, with different linear output and for different voltages (24V-110V):


CABLE ADPSZV – 17,9W/m (230V)


CABLE ADPSZV – 10W/m (230V)


CABLE PV – 17 W/m (230V)



CABLE ADPSV2 – 17W/m (230V)


CABLE ADPSV2 – 25W/m (230V)


CABLE ADPSV2 – 33W/m (230V)



CABLE ADPSV2 – 25W/m (400V)


CABLE ADPSV2 – 33W/m (400V)



CABLE ADPSV2 – 8W/m (230V)


CABLE ADPSV2 – 8W/m (400V)




In our download section you can access documents related to our product. From here you can download the manuals, technical specifications and approval documents.


Installation manual heating cable



Homologation ADPSV2


Homologation ADPSZV


Homologation PV


Technical Data sheet ADPSV


Technical Data sheet ADPSZV


Technical Data sheet PV


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