Ceilhit is since 1975 the first Spanish manufacturer of heating cable for underfloor radiant heating. But how does the radiant heating work?


There are two different types of heating systems:

  • The traditional system of hot air convection (used by conventional radiators and convectors).
  • The radiant system, similar to the sun radiation, which transfers directly the heat to solid bodies, as people, walls and objects.

Every body emits an infrared radiation, which transfer heat. Two different bodies or objects with different temperatures emit heat to each other, exchanging it from the hotter to the colder.

The low temperature radiant heating is the process by excellence to reach a comfortable environment for people. From its inherent principle, it is an economical heating system. Thanks to a homogeneous temperature distribution, the heat transfer from our body with the environment is reduced to a minimum value, avoiding the feelings of heat or cold.

An interesting experiment was carried out in an experimental chamber at the MIT in which walls and air temperature could be regulated and maintained independently.

First, air temperature was increased up to 48ºC whereas the walls were maintained at a cold temperature. All occupants experienced cold feelings, as we all did sometimes being in a cold house even with a hot air system running.

Later the opposite experience was carried on, by heating the walls and maintaining the air temperature at 10ºC. All occupants experienced then a hot feeling, the same way, we experience a hot feeling during winter on a sunny day or on a terrace with an infrared emitter.


In both cases, the air temperature is not able to compensate the heat transfer in between the walls and the occupants. This experience explicitly shows the higher efficiency of the radiant heating systems compared to hot air convection systems.

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