The ECOFILM heating foil is a singular product using state of the art technology, intended primarily for heating large indoor surfaces, either in the floor or the ceiling structure. Thanks to its ultrathin profile (0.4 mm) the original construction height is hardly affected. This silent, unobtrusive and dry-laid heating system is highly reliable and has a long life span.

The heating film can provide unique solutions for other applications as mirror demisting and heating of terrariums and vivariums.


The heating film is composed of laminated polyester films with a graphite coating and supply copper strips.


Grafite strips act as independant resitances connected in parallel. This structure provides the possibility to cut the film roll at the desired length to fit perfectly the available space.



The ECOFILM radiant heating foil is the perfect solution for an economical heating beneath laminated and wooden floor. It provides all the advantages of underfloor heating with a dry-laid system, easy and fast to install.


1.Laminated floor / 2.Floor sensor / 3. Steam PE foil barrier /4. ECOFILM heating film / 5.Thermal insulation / 6. Original floor construction – Concrete – Original pavement

The heating film can also be installed under PVC floor or carpet (following the manufacturer recommendation) with the use of the extra underlays Heat pack to provide the necessary rigidity to the system:

  1. PVC flooring or carpet suitable for underfloor heating / 2.Underlays Heat-Pak / 3.Floor sensor / 4. Steam PE foil barrier /4. ECOFILM heating film / 5.Thermal insulation / 6. Original floor construction – Concrete – Original pavement

The heating film is manufactured as rolls from 30 cm to 1 m width to fit any type of room, and with a surface output from 60 to 300W/m2 to cover all the heat demand range from low energy houses to churches.

The material is available in different formats:

  • Film rolls from a few meters to 100 m and connection accessories apart..
  • Strip of films cut and connected at specific length according to a given project
  • Do-it-yourself kit for rooms from 10 to 30 m2 that includes the heating film, connection components and the thermostat.



Another widespread use of heating films is their installation within ceiling constructions, particularly behind plasterboard. This option is very beneficial particularly in loft conversions, but it is also widely used in offices, shops, day-care centers or in rooms equipped with heavy and robust furniture or thick carpets where the use of underfloor heating could be problematic.


1.Ceiling structure / 2. Thermal insulation / 3. Supporting rails of plasterboard ceiling / 4. Ecofilm heating film / 5. Steam PE foil barrier / 6. Plasterboard ceiling.

The film is manufactured in width 400 mm and 500 mm to fit the width of standard plasterboard plates and with a surface output of 140 W/m2 or 200 W/m2.

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Hereafter, we will detail the different heating film ranges for underfloor and ceiling heating:




In our download section you can access documents related to our product. From here you can download the manuals, technical specifications and approval documents. 

Installation manual heating film


Instrucciones instalación kit folio


Heating Film homologation


Declaration of conformity heating film


Installing radiant film for underfloor heating



Installing radiant film for ceiling heating




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