CEILHIT has been specialized in the production of electric underfloor heating systems since 1975. During this period, we asserted ourselves not only on the Spanish market but also in many countries worldwide. Our success over several decades is based on high quality products as well as a close relationship with our customers to be able to fulfil their needs and provide them our best support.

About to celebrate 50 years of existence, our long history allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our ranges ADPSZV cables and mats. We are able to offer this guarantee both for the quality of our products and our extensive experience. 

The lifetime warranty is provided for the life of the floor covering installed with the underfloor heating system (‘covering’ is taken to mean a layer of building material into which a heating element is embedded; alternatively, the heating element is inseparably connected to this layer or material). The lifetime warranty is non-transferable to another owner and can be applied under the following conditions:

  • All the conditions for the application of warranty have been met in accordance with the applicable warranty conditions.
  • The registration for the lifetime warranty has been made in the application designed for this purpose no later than 6 months from buying the underfloor heating system
  • Cables/Mats are used for indoor underfloor heating applications in residential buildings
  • The heating floor must be controlled by a thermostat with a floor probe approved by Ceilhit.
  • The maximum linear input power of the heating circuit is 18W/m, the maximum supply density is 200W/m².

In the case that the conditions of the lifetime warranty are not fulfilled, the extended warranty is valid within the full extent of the warranty conditions offered by Ceilhit.