Fenix was founded in 1990 as one of the first private Company in the Czech Republic following the “velvet” Revolution. With the increase in demand, the structure of the company developed-for the reason of retaining maximum flexibility a holding company structure was chosen, with individual and independent members. Presently, the Company Fenix Holding is composed by 13 companies, and is one of the largest European manufacturer of surface electric heating systems, currently exporting to 67 countries worldwide.

The holding is composed by the following members (year of incorporation within the group) :

Fenix Ltda. (1990) – Czech Republic

Manufacturing Company, holding founder member

Fenix Trading Ltda. (1993) – Czech Republic

Trading Company



Fenix Slovensko Ltda. (1993) – Slovaquia

Manufacturing and Trading company

Fenix Slovensko

Fenix Group S.A. (1995) – Mother Company


Flexel international Ltd. (2003) – United Kingdom

Manufacturing and Trading company

Demista Ltd. (2008) – United Kingdom 

Manufacturing and trading company

ACSO (2010) – France

Manufacturing and Trading Company



Konsulent Team AS (2014) – Norway 

Trading Company

FENIX Deutschland GmhB (2018) – Germany

Trading company

FENIX Polska Sp.zo.o (2019) – Poland

Trading company

ELMARK d.o.o (2021) – Serbia

Trading company

AERS s.r.o. (2016) – Czech Republic

Technology company

Fenix Invest s.r.o. (2014) – Czech Republic