Our wide range of products can offer efficient solutions to the different requirements of the tertiary sector, according to the activity and the specificity of each case.




The underfloor heating system is especially recommended in areas where tempered floor comfort is a plus (hotel bathrooms, kinder garden, etc…), but it is suitable also for offices or shops. Its principle and operation is the same as for residential sector, taking advantage of all the benefits of underfloor radiant heating also at work.

However, the most common system in the sector is radiant panels, mainly located in the ceiling, or sometimes on the wall.

Its great success comes from its adaptation to the needs, its efficiency and its easy installation and operation.


Our ceiling panels are integrated within registrable ceiling, substituting some standard plasterboard panels by radiant heating panels. They allow a heat distribution that matches the real need in each area of the office (areas without heating, different heat needs depending on the persons, etc…). It can be easily modified, extended or reduced. Thanks to our wireless regulation system, electric installation is easy, without any need of installation of long extra power supply lines.


On the other hand, ceiling radiant heating is the heating system that minimizes the air convection as much as possible, and makes it ideal for activities with very standard on hygiene requirements : medical or dentist centers, day care centers, food shops, restaurants, etc.. Thanks to its location, the heat flow is perfect for the comfort of patients in beds.

If they are not integrated within the ceiling structure, our range of glass panels can be part of the office design .


Our low temperature panels can be located below the desks, spreading a smooth heat with low energy consumption (from 100W to 400W). They provide an ideal auxiliary heating, totally independent in each workstation for an optimized comfort of each worker.




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