The heat supplied by our panels use the principle of radiant heating, providing a wide range of advantages in respect with conventional convection heating systems:

  • The panel surface generates an infrared heat flow with wavelength lower than 5 microns, that are partially reflected (~15%), while the majority (~85%) is absorbed by the human bodies and the objects in the room.
  • When the radiant heat flow increases the temperature of the object in the room to 20-22ºC, comfort conditions are achieved even with air temperature of 18-19ºC, leading to energy saving of about 20% in respect to convection heating system.

Radiant panels allow the room temperature distribution to be more vertically balanced, with a maximum difference of a couple of degrees in between the ceiling and the floor, whereas the difference in a convection heating system can reach up to 6ºC (1ºC per every 30-50 cm height). Air and dust circulation is therefore decreased, reducing the risk of respiratory illness.









They also provide other interesting and less-known advantages:

  • As glass is not “transparent” when it comes to radiation wavelengths over 3 microns, the radiant heat flow is not lost through the windows
  • As walls heats up before the air, there is a lower concurrency of surface condensation, that could lead to wall degradation, although the humidity on the room is not lowered.

Finally, radiant panels allow a partial heating or a zone heating in large or high ceiling rooms. In those cases, with a large air volume, radiant heating is the only comfortable and economical available solution, making it ideal for the tertiary and the industrial sectors.


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