We are pleased to present a new version of TFT, our successful touch screen thermostat, to respond to the market demand for a modern looking thermostat with alternative color schemes.

This second version retains all the strong points of the first one, i.e. its large and clear touch screen, its intuitive controls and its suitability for use with all types of electric heating.

The visible outer part is now composed of two sections – a body frame and a front cover. Both of these components can be detached and exchanged for one in a different color (Three colors available (black, red and silver) besides the white (from the thermostat). It is a very easy procedure and the user can do it alone – no assistance from a specialized company is necessary.

You can see how easy it is to Exchange the both parts in this short 3D animation.

We have also prepared a simple application to try out which TFT Thermostat color scheme would suit you best. Start application.

This new version also presents some other improvements: Menus available in 16 different languages and incorporation of a passive infrared occupancy sensor for higher energy savings, lowering automatically the temperature when user is not present for a while. This function is primarily intended with direct heating with high reactivity and can be turned off when it is not suitable (for instance semi storage heating).

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