As we’ve been explaining in previous newsletters with best practices (I. Insulation – II. Heat dissipation – III. Verifications – IV. Temperature Regulation) electric underfloor heating installation is easy, but it requires special attention to the different steps to ensure, comfort, energy saving and long lifespan.

We are pleased to share with you our experience gained along the last 45 years as underfloor heating systems manufacturer. Today, we share with you a video to explain how to install perimeter expansion strip before installing an underfloor heating system.

Too many times, perimeter expansion strip is disregarded at the time of installation even though it is of high importance for a correct installation. It is a 10 cm wide, 5 mm thick polyethylene foam strip which needs to be located on all the wall perimeter of the room, before starting the installation. Afterwards, the whole underfloor heating system is being installed: thermal insulation, heating element, screed and floor covering.  This easy and fast first step provides on the whole room perimeter both an expansion gap, which will absorb the dilatations originated by the heated floor and thermal insulation to avoid any thermal bridge at the base of the walls.

Check out the  video here

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