We keep improving connectivity of our regulation systems. TFT WiFi thermostats can now be connected with Google Home and Amazon Alexa home assistants.

Once connected, the user can access and realize the basic functions from one platform. In addition to manual settings through the application, voice control can also be used to interact with the thermostat. Using the assistants, it is possible to switch heating on/off, change the set required temperature, switch between the manual mode and weekly programme mode, and ask about the current temperature in a given room.

  • “Ok Google, what is the temperature in the bathroom”
  • “Alexa, decrease the bedroom temperature”
  • ”Ok Google, set the living room temperature to 21 degrees”

Connection can be done easily through Alexa and Google home applications once the thermostats have been connected to the Fenix TFT WiFi application.

To get further details on connection with Alexa.

To get further details on connection with Google Home.