¿When the cold weather is coming, are you afraid of what might happen to your outdoor pipes or within unheated local (Garage, basement, …)?

We have a simple and autonomous solution. The PFP heating cable with integrated thermostat.

The automatic heating cables PFP are suitable for both metal and plastic pipes. This heating cable especially designed for anti-freeze pipes is composed of a heating cable, an integrated thermostat and a plug, so the installation can be done easily with no need of any specialized work in connecting it. A strap-on thermostat automatically switches the heating cable on when the pipe temperature drops under 3°C. The cable is thus suitable mainly for do-it-yourself installations in non-commercial or residential buildings.

Installation is very easy and fast as you can figure out in the following installation video.

Till now, the PFP cables were manufactured in lengths from 1 m to 40 m. The range hass now being widen with lengths up to 100 m.