Electric radiant heating is the most versatile of all the heating system, thanks to both aspects, the heat transfer type (radiant) and the energy source (electricity).

Electricity has the important advantage that this is a source of energy available in any place, included now in the most remote location, thanks to renewable energy sources (windmill and photovoltaic), and without need of a specific network as for gas. Besides, electricity being omnipresent in the daily life (and even more in the future), allows a complete flexibility when dimensioning a electric heating system, reducing the need of initial investments (Possible installation per area or room, without need of space or investment in boilers, heat pump, etc…).

On the other hand, the advantage of radiant heating is that the heat is transferred directly through radiation to the aimed solid bodies (people, objects, walls, etc..) where needed, without depending on air convection and unwanted airflows. This characteristic makes radiant heating the only efficient solution for open spaces or areas with large air volume and/or high ceiling heights.

Our solutions cover applications in all sectors, with products designed specifically for each application and each field:

  • Residential sector:
    • Underfloor heating: with a wide range of products to match from large room to small ones, for both new construction and renovation, for both laminated floor and tiles, and with surface output from 60 W/m2 up to 200W/m2.
    • Radiant panels:with wide range of surface finishes (glass, stone, ceramic, printed) to match any type of interior design.
  • Tertiary sector:
    • We have a wide range of radiant panels for offices, allowing heating modulation on specific zone and individual heating per working position (desks).
  • Industrial sector:
    • High temperature panels allow zone heating in large industrial halls, warehouses, agricultural structure, museums, etc…
    • Low temperature panels allow heating for local working areas.
  • Hotel sector:
    • A wide range of products to cover the heating needs in hotels: rooms, bathrooms, reception area, terraces, etc…
  • Other sectors:
  • Outdoor applications:
  • Other applications:
    • There is a very wide range of other applications wherever there is some need of heating, which difficult to include in a list, the most usual ones being:

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