Electric radiant panels are becoming one of the best and most efficient heating alternatives in a wide range of sectors.

To start with, it is important to understand the differences between conventional heating systems and radiant systems:

Conventional systems (radiators, heat pump, convectors) heat by means of hot air. Hot air, either per convection through radiators, either pulsed, heats up the atmosphere by circulating within the room.  However, there is no way to control this air circulation within the room. Hot air will tend to go close to the ceiling and will be moved around by air streams. This type of heating will result especially inefficient to heat up the requested areas in large rooms/spaces or when there are air streams (for instance, when it is mandatory to air the room).

Radiant systems (radiant panels, underfloor heating) on the contrary heat through radiation by means of infrared waves all the solid bodies (people, furniture, walls), as the sun does, independently of air streams.  As a consequence, heat is being delivered specifically where and how it is needed, improving highly the thermal comfort and the energy efficiency.

We designed and developed a wide range of heating panels to meet the requirements of a wide range of sectors:

  • For the tertiary sector and offices, with an easy and adaptable installation, allowing to heat specific working areas according to the needs.
  • For the industrial sector, where radiant heating is the only suitable systems for such large volume areas.
  • For the residential sectors, where this system is getting every time more popular. A wide range of surface finishes, which elegantly combine with all interior styles, allows to join the aesthetic to the efficiency.

To know more, we will organize a Webinar (in Spanish) in collaboration with APEME: “Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre paneles radiantes eléctricos” on October the 28th at 4.00 Spanish time.