Within this global energetical crisis at the European level, it is important to find solutions of high energy efficiency, that allows an optimal use of energy. Installation of electric radiant panels is one of them when it refers to heating of any type of building.

Electric radiant panels provide the needed amount of heat at the exact place it is needed thanks to their fast heating dynamic and high flexibility. Installation is easy both on ceiling and walls on a standard way, but also on more specific places where some extra heat is needed, below desks, at reception counters or on church pews,…

The very high versatility of this system turns it into an ideal solution, for both main heating systems, or complementary heating systems in some specific area where additional heating is needed (offices with deficient heating system, supermarkets cashier counters, hotels or shops reception counters, etc…).

We produce a large range of panels, with different surface finishes and designs to fulfil the needs of all sectors and interior designs.

We present now new possibilities, as the U Basic panel can be printed with a high-definition picture. The radiant panel is turned into a unique and highly noticeable accessory for your interior space.

Access our online gallery to check the HD images available and/or to create your own unique panel with your personal high-definition image.

We will present those new panels at MATELEC exhibition from the 15th to the 18th of November in IFEMA, Madrid.

See you there

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