Electric radiant heating is the heating system that provides the highest reactivity as well as the highest flexibility at delivering the accurate amount of heat according to the needs. Besides ensuring comfort at all time, our heating systems allow energy savings up to 50%.

Electric heating systems flexibility relies mainly on two simple concepts:

  • Highly reactive systems.
  • Independent systems for each room, with individual regulation but at the same time with easy remote control.

The principle of radiant heating itself, based on the direct heat transfer through radiation in between solid bodies ensures the high reactivity of those systems. Heat transfer is effective at the time the emitter has reached its temperature. On the contrary, hot air convection systems (radiators or standard convectors) need to heat the whole room air volume before being effective at the height of room occupants (the hot air go up to the ceiling, and increase the air temperature from the ceiling first, down to the flower part of the room). Besides, both radiant panels and underfloor direct heating (located right below the floor pavement) present very low inertia. The emitter reaches then its surface temperature very fast, conferring to the system its high flexibility.

As they are regulated independently per room, radiant heating systems can be accurately adjusted per zone, both per hours (different timetable program for each room) and per temperature levels (different set-up temperature depending on the room and the hour). With our touchscreen thermostat TFT , programs are set-up and modified easily in an intuitive way, anytime it is necessary, with the possibility to define multiple set-up temperatures along the day and the week. On the other hand, with our wireless central units (GSM o WiFi) , the different zones can be controlled from one central unit with a possible distance control though a mobile device. The combination of those different characteristics, independent regulation, easy programing, and distance control allows the end-user to get its heating system optimized at all time easily, and saving money from the first day.

Its high reactivity combined with independent and accurate room regulation provides to the electric radiant heating systems its maximum flexibility, and as a results a high energy efficiency that cannot be reached with any other heating systems. As an example, we share hereafter some results obtained at our Jesenik office center , and analyzed by University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings from Czech Technical University in Prague.

Compartmentalization and reactivity of the system allow an important saving up to 70% on some specific period by adjusting accurately the heat delivery according to the external and local perturbation, presence of people, sunshine, contribution of electronic devices, etc…