We are coming to the end of this year 2020, with all its consequences in almost all areas. It has been a brutal disruption in our daily life and many economic sectors. But it has also been the opportunity to make a pause for thought on the future we want and which part we want to play in it.

Companies community part of AMEC Association wanted to go further and to formalize the basic commitments to build a better future. It has been implemented throught a declaration and a movement “Positive Industry”.

The five main principles of “Positive Industry” are:

  • ACTING IN ADVANCE: Act strategically and in advance for the Benefit of the ecosystem and the community we represent.
  • ADAPT: Adapt quickly and the kindest way to a changing environment.
  • COLLABORATE: Collaborate with companies, entities and the society when we can to contribute to the collective good.
  • THINK GLOBALLY BUT ALSO ACT LOCALLY: Understand that our acts transcend to the world: Think globally but also act locally.
  • FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: To guarantee sustainability as the only way to progress as a company, a society, a planet.

Because from Ceilhit, we also firmly think that industry is one of the most powerful agents for social and economic transformation, we have joined this movement.

Let’s work together to achieve that today’s world looks each time more like the world we want to live in.

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