When a heating system has to be elected, there is a very wide range of possibilities, each one with its advantages and disadvantages.

Traditionally, electric underfloor heating is not one of the most popular option, even if it is in many countries like Scandinavia for instance, as reflected per our more than 40 years of successful experience in those markets.

Both its success in those countries and its strong recent development in all countries is based on an extended list of advantages that we will detail herein :


As recommended by the World Health Organization, underfloor heating systems allow to reach quickly thermic balance inside the room that provide a maximum comfort to its occupants. The whole floor surface acts as heat emitter at a 25-27ºC, similar to normal skin temperature. The temperature distribution is homogeneous across the room and is globally neutral for the occupants, providing optimal thermic comfort feeling: Thermic balance and homogeneity both horizontally and vertically prevent from experiencing any cold or hot feeling.

Besides, the heat transfer through radiation avoids hot air convection, on which are based the traditional heating system (radiators, forced air heating, etc…). Therefore, it gets rid of all the hot air flows that stir around dusts and suspended particles, leading to mucosa irritations, potential respiratory problems and risks of allergy.

Finally, being electric, there is no need of any boiler or any other combustion system that would emit smokes or gas that may be harmful or unpleasant.


The initial investment for electric underfloor heating system is much lower than other system. It can be installed independently per room, with the possibility to make a partial installation in only one room or the ones that are required. There is no need of any central installation that would require the investment in a boiler or a heat pump as well as the costly installation of pipes, valves, etc… Once installed, the electric underfloor heating will not need any type of maintenance and has a life span much longer than any boiler or heat pump.

Regarding the running costs, heat transfer through radiation is the most efficient, as it is directly transmitted to people and solid bodies within the room. Comfort temperature is then achieved before, therefore decreasing running times. In traditional hot air convection systems, the whole volume of air needs to be heated up, reaching up to 25-26ºC close to the ceiling before reaching the required temperature at people level. Besides, thanks to its reactivity and independent room control, the electric radiant systems can adjust at all time, in every situation and in each room, the heat delivery to the real needs.


Being installed below the floor, it is an invisible heating system that leaves 100% of the room surface available for furniture distribution and decoration without any limitations.

Finally, unlike the hydronic systems, the electric underfloor heating can be fitted within a reduced thickness (<1.5 cm) and turns out to be the ideal heating solution in many renovation projects. The heating film system even allows dry installation, without major renovation work, over the existing floor and below the new laminated flooring with an extra thickness smaller than 1 cm.

Ceilhit, Gavà, January 16, 2019

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