In the XXIst century, energy efficiency is one of the main priorities of the sector. Being proactive in this direction, Ceilhit as part of Fenix Group is one of the member of the EUHA (Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance), organism that works in close cooperation with the EU institutions  to promote the adoption of higher efficiency electric underfloor heating systems.

Electric Undrefloor Heating is extremely efficient: 100% of the energy used by the appliances is converted into heat. In addition, the environmental performance of these appliances can be improved if they are coupled with solar panels or other clean energy sources. Electric Underfloor Heating appliances are particularly suited for renewable Energy Sources, offering the possibility of a clean emission-free heat generation.

Electric Underfloor Heating’s properties are also notable when it comes to energy savings. Fast response times in transmitting heat, uniform heat distribution and a perfect adaptation to the needs avoid any superfluous heat production hence preventing unnecessary energy losses.

Electric underfloor heating is already a reality in the deployment of energy efficient solutions and is to play an even greater role in the near future. In passive (zero energy) houses, with an ever better insulation, the needs for central heating system will be reduced at the time the demand for comfort systems highly reactive and flexible with low output and compatible with renewable energy generation, will increase.


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