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Central unit V24 WIFI – Software update – Version 1.04

A new version of software available for Central Unit V24 WiFi. This new version improves the mobile application functionality of saving user programs created in the mobile phone applications in the central unit memory. The update process is really easy. Please proceed...

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FENIX GROUP in EXPO 2017 – Future Energy

FENIX GROUP in EXPO 2017 – Future Energy Astana – Kazakhstan From the 10th of June to the 10th of September At the main international event on Future Energy innovation, Fenix Group presents its new concept for near Zero Energy Buildings. Read More  ...

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Maximum flexibility, maximum savings

Electric radiant heating is the heating system that provides the highest reactivity as well as the highest flexibility at delivering the accurate amount of heat according to the needs. Besides ensuring comfort at all time, our heating systems allow energy savings up...

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New concept for near zero Energy Buildings

Building as active elements of the Energy System The proposed energy concept considers the use of buildings equipped with battery storage as active elements of the energy distribution network. The pilot project, launched by FENIX in June 2016 is tasked with testing...

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Wide range of solutions for hotels

Discover our new video  where we present solutions of Smart heating for the different hotels areas. Besides radiant heating being normally used in hotels bathrooms, a wide range of radiant heating products can provide efficient solutions in the different hotels areas:...

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Electric underfloor heating: Rely on experience

With more than 40 years’ experience manufacturing heating cables and millions of heating elements produced and installed all over the world, Ceilhit can provide the maximum experience to each customer with the solution that matches his specific needs. With more than...

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New V24-WIFI Central unit

Our range of Wireless products has recently been extended with the V24-WiFi central unit. The new unit, connected to the home WiFi network, enables the remote control of the heating system from any device connected to Internet.

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Ceilhit: Smart Heating

Summer is reaching its end!. You don’t want to get cold this winter. Check in our new video  all the possibilities provided by our radiant heating systems.   Our electric radiant heating systems provide solutions for all type of environments with: High...

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Year 2020, 2030, 2050… future is being built today.

In energy efficiency, the goal is not anymore year 2020 Since 10 years ago, in all economic sectors, concepts of energy efficiency and energy savings have been applied.We can say today that results have been quite successful in many different fields, providing great...

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Ceilhit presents its new radiant panel GS

We expand our range of radiant panels with this new design, GS radiant panels. This new range is an attractive middle term in between existing ranges GR Glass Radiant Panels and G panels. The GS panels feature the elegant design of the frameless GR panels, with the...

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Universal radiant panels U

Do you know about the different applications for which we recommend our Universal radiant panels U? Our panels are specially indicated for houses, offices, shops and any place where a uniform temperature distribution is desired. Those panels are specific for a direct...

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Underfloor heating comfort in pictures

UCEEB laboratories (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings) at Czech Technical University in Prague just completed the first stage of measurements from its investigation on efficiency, energy consumption and indoor environment quality of heat distribution...

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