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Electric underfloor heating: Rely on experience

With more than 40 years’ experience manufacturing heating cables and millions of heating elements produced and installed all over the world, Ceilhit can provide the maximum experience to each customer with the solution that matches his specific needs. With more than...

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New V24-WIFI Central unit

Our range of Wireless products has recently been extended with the V24-WiFi central unit. The new unit, connected to the home WiFi network, enables the remote control of the heating system from any device connected to Internet.

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Ceilhit: Smart Heating

Summer is reaching its end!. You don’t want to get cold this winter. Check in our new video  all the possibilities provided by our radiant heating systems.   Our electric radiant heating systems provide solutions for all type of environments with: High...

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Year 2020, 2030, 2050… future is being built today.

In energy efficiency, the goal is not anymore year 2020 Since 10 years ago, in all economic sectors, concepts of energy efficiency and energy savings have been applied.We can say today that results have been quite successful in many different fields, providing great...

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Ceilhit presents its new radiant panel GS

We expand our range of radiant panels with this new design, GS radiant panels. This new range is an attractive middle term in between existing ranges GR Glass Radiant Panels and G panels. The GS panels feature the elegant design of the frameless GR panels, with the...

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Universal radiant panels U

Do you know about the different applications for which we recommend our Universal radiant panels U? Our panels are specially indicated for houses, offices, shops and any place where a uniform temperature distribution is desired. Those panels are specific for a direct...

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Underfloor heating comfort in pictures

UCEEB laboratories (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings) at Czech Technical University in Prague just completed the first stage of measurements from its investigation on efficiency, energy consumption and indoor environment quality of heat distribution...

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Better comfort and energy savings in the office!

Forget about being cold in the office, use Ceilhit panel under the desk and enjoy a gentle heat with very low energy consumption. Conventional 1500-2000W infrared heaters are normally used unless they are not designed for this application. A part from energy...

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Don’t wait for the winter to arrive, be ready now!

Don’t get cold this winter. Check now the best solutions for any kind of environment For residential houses, underfloor radiant heating  or with radiant panels  For the tertiary sector For the industrial sector For terrace tempering For snowmelting, de-icing or pipes...

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EPBD 2020: Nearly zero-energy houses

The European directive 2010/31/EU requires that all member states shall ensure that by 31st of December 2020, all new buildings are nearly zero-energy buildings. A new energetic scenario is then building up with a clearly electric future based on new concepts as the...

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Don’t miss the touch-screen TFT thermostat

Don’t miss the touch-screen TFT thermostat : the plainest   but the most advanced in the market The touch-screen TFT thermostat has been especially developed for an accurate regulation of electric radiant heating. TFT features a large number of properties accessible...

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Comfort in the bathroom affordable to everybody

  There's nothing nicer than a warm floor in your bathroom to forget forever about the unpleasant feeling of the chilly tiles under your feet. Electric underfloor heating is easy to install. Even on an existing floor, the installation can be fit within only 1.5...

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Commited with energy efficiency

In the XXIst century, energy efficiency is one of the main priorities of the sector. Being proactive in this direction, Ceilhit as part of Fenix Group is one of the member of the EUHA (Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance), organism that works in close cooperation...

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Ceiling heating films

When installation of underfloor heating is not possible, our heating film can be installed on ceiling and provides an ideal heating system. It results to be a perfect system for offices, shops, hospitals, day-care centers and is especially recommended when renovating...

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40 years radiant by your side

  In 2015, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ceilhit. Our company was founded in Barcelona back in 1975 as the first Spanish manufacturer of underfloor heating cable. During the first period of existence, we have been dedicated to the national market, and...

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